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About us

Quartz Investment Management Company Ltd. is an investment company registered in England and Wales. The Company has been established as a platform for investors seeking to invest in the early to mid-stage private companies in the Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Blockchain and digital sectors in the UK.
Venture Equity. Investment, ongoing assistance and with board positions. Quartz will retain substantial proportions of the shareholdings of the newly Exchange Listed companies to benefit from the future growth of the chosen Technology, Media, Telecommunications and Blockchain companies.
The Company expects its investment focus will be predominantly, but not exclusively, on opportunities arising from the technology hubs situated within the London area. The Directors believe that this sector and area will offer investment opportunities which, if successfully accessed by the Company, will have the potential to create significant value for Shareholders.

Typically, these companies will have received preliminary investment from directors and family and friends, and may have received secondary funding from outside sources. Investments will constitute a minority stake in the investee companies. In addition to the investment the Directors will seek to take a pro-active role in assisting in the development of the investee companies. The Company will not have a separate investment manager.

The Directors of the Company have many years’ experience of the TMT sector, management, marketing, recruitment, corporate disciplines, investor relations and access to capital markets. In addition, the executive team has between its members extensive corporate and commercial experience in providing a wide range of advice and finance for private and public companies, structuring and negotiating deals and establishing businesses from start up through to commercial viability.

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