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Shares and shareholders

The Specialist Fund Segment of London Stock Exchange's regulated Main Market is designed for highly specialised investment entities that wish to target institutional funds, highly knowledgeable investors, sophisticated investors or professionally advised investors only.
The Specialist Fund Segment further enhances London’s appeal to specialist investment managers seeking a flexible and adaptable route to accessing permanent capital from a highly sophisticated global investor base and appeals to a variety of different types of investment managers, including those managing large hedge funds, private equity funds, and certain emerging market and specialist property funds.
FCA-authorised firms conducting designated investment business with retail customers under FCA Conduct-of-Business rules are reminded that securities admitted to trading on the Specialist Fund Segment of London Stock Exchange's Main Market will be securities that may have characteristics such as: Variable levels of secondary market liquidity, Sophisticated corporate structures, Highly leveraged structures and sophisticated investment propositions with concentrated risks.
Applicants and their advisers not subject to FCA Conduct of Business Rules:  are responsible for compliance with equivalent conduct-of-business or point-of-sale rules in the jurisdiction in which they are based or in which they are marketing the securities concerned.
Company Shares & Shareholders.
100% of issue 260,000 in total. With Management team allocation 20,000 and Employee team allocation 15,800

John Richard Shaw 49,400
Hugh Stratford-Michaels 54,800
Fred Johan Gustafsson 51,100
Simon Andrew Rothschild 31,600
Anthony Frank Margiotta 18,200
H & R Nominees London 10,400
Andrew James McCulloch 3,200
Dermot Ryan 3,160
Mykola Shevchenko 2,340
Ismail Khubaib Malik 2,600
Oliver John Turnbull 2,600

There are fully paid ordinary shares of the Company in issue. There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares. The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.