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Investment Strategy

The investment strategy is to invest in early to mid-stage companies that are typically one to five years old, which operate in the Technology Media, Telecommunications and Blockchain sectors. Typically, these companies will have received preliminary investment from shareholders and directors, and may have received secondary funding from outside sources. Investments will constitute a minority stake in the investee companies. In addition to the investment the Directors will take a pro-active role in assisting investee companies.

The Directors will apply investment criteria including:

- a credible and ambitious leadership/management team
- revenue generating
- have a business model able to scale
- have the potential for profitability and capital

Investments will be in the form of equity. The amount invested will be one million US Dollars, one million euros or 825,000 GBP per investment, which may be made in a single tranche or in multiple tranches against defined benchmarks. Investments will be selected where the business plan of the investee offers a reasonable expectation that a full or partial exit can be achieved within one to three years.

No material change to the Company’s Investing Policy is anticipated but if required any such change will only be made following the approval by ordinary resolution of Shareholders in general meeting.

In order to mitigate investment risk, the Directors intend to adhere to an agreed investment process, under which each investment will require approval by the Board. The Company, having sourced a potential investment will undertake an evaluation and thorough due diligence process in evaluating each potential investment including: site visits and the analysis of technical, financial, legal and operational aspects of each investment opportunity. The Directors will take outside third party advice on specialist areas.

The Directors of the Company regularly attend Tech events in London and have developed close links with a number of Tech Hubs where they are introduced to the directors of young tech companies which are seeking funding and corporate assistance. The Executive Board has between its members many years corporate and commercial experience providing a wide range of advice and finance for private and public companies as well as structuring and negotiating deals and establishing businesses from start up through to commercial viability.